Learning Tools in iDL Programs

  • Literacy Scaffolded Content:
      context-sensitive pop-up definitions with examples of usage and explanatory images for uncertain words & phrases — plus considerate writing that clarifies relationships and is sensitive to the knowledge base of the imagined reader
  • FeedbackLearning™ (Formative Feedback):
      questions with immediate explanations to each chosen answer
  • LanguageOfExperience™:
      the experiences of real people told as stories
  • Animated Illustrations:
      changing processes explained with changing images to motivate learning
  • Credible Information in Library Format:
      well-documented information reviewed by teams of experts
  • Puzzle-Based Game Format:
      stories presented as puzzles for a user to solve by comparing gathered clues with library information
  • Learning Transfer:
      users learn to find evidence and develop conclusions via a deductive reasoning process useful in solving other, unrelated problems