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Drug Scene Investigators

Drug Scene Investigators

We call them “computer games with authority.”

Our new DSI (Drug Scene Investigators) series allows students to become mystery-solving sleuths as they conduct research in simulated real-life situations. The games are based on solid academic principles, including cooperative and feedback learning, literacy scaffolding, and the language of experience.

Drawing heavily on evidence-based reasoning using inquiry, observation and critical thinking, DSI aligns with National Science Education Standards. It gives teachers a new way to engage students in the process of scientific investigation, a topic often difficult to address using a conventional curriculum.


REAlcoholREALcohol is an interactive Web site for older teens curious about alcohol use.

Developed with a grant from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the site is designed to keep the visitor engaged while learning new facts about drinking.

[The REALcohol website is currently not publicly available.]